this comic contains some strong language and mild sexual content


In Order Of Appearance

Note: The listed ages refer to how old a character is currently in the comic

Seth Walker

Age: 22


Jon Walker

Age: 18


Anna Jones-Boucher

Age: 19


Terry Pratt

Age: 17


Gus Konaté

Age: 17


Frank Red

Age: 26


Scarlett Red

Age: 28


Paul Curtis

Age: 19


Gemma Ito

Age: 19


Chris Manning

Age: 18


Albin Gorski

Age: 24


Karen Kisling

Age: 18


Jigisha Sharma

Age: 20


Maahir Sharma

Age: 54


Denise Walker

Age: 49


George Walker

Age: 51


Ken Lo

Age: 20


Tilly McGillan

Age: 17


Nate Walker-Adlington

Age: 9


Lauri Stern

Age: 18


Ty Buchanan

Age: 23




Polly Buchanan

Age: 29