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0400: Undershare
7th Aug, 2017 in Unchaptered
0400: Undershare
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Mel C. edit delete
Mel C.
Writing a character who doesn’t swear is so fun, I love coming up with colourful alternatives to swear words, it’s one of my favourite things to do now.

Aaah page 400 when did that happen?? Thank you so much for reading! If not for all your lovely, interesting, interested, and hilarious comments it's hard for me to imagine I would have made it this far. You all rock.
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TheMario360 edit delete reply
MST3KFan edit delete reply
Wait...What? Stabbed? O_o Were you hanging with the rough crowds, girl!?
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
Yeah, she was friends with some Bad Influences.
Matthew Jones (Guest) edit delete reply
Granted, I'm in the USA so TV censoring is quite a bit more than in the UK, so they are always inventing new ways for curse words to be edited out for broadcast TV. I remember dying as a kid when John McClaine proudly proclaimed "Yippie-Kai-Yay, Melon Farmer!"
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
"I have had it with these monkey fighting snakes on this Monday to Friday plane!"
anonymous coward (Guest) edit delete reply
"If you think you have to use swear words in the English language, your vocabulary needs serious work. Those words all have alternatives for any reasonable purpose, and any unreasonable ones you can imagine too." --An unidentified English teacher.

I have to admit that I usually quite enjoy learning and inventing actual swear words though, in as many languages as possible. For example, my current favourite way to call someone a nitpicker comes from the Netherlands, mierenneuker, which literally means ant-fucker.
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
While I disagree with the notion that use of swear words indicates a poor vocabulary (I think swear words are just another tool box of vocab), I will say one of my favourite parts of making a conlang is coming up with swear words.
JC Webcomics edit delete reply
JC Webcomics
Well if that's what you grew up with, you don't always know that you didn't have a 'normal' childhood.

I've always gone with the mindset that if a character wants to swear, let them. Equally, if a character doesn't want to swear, don't force them.

One of my favourite swearing languages is Welsh. This sits in my 'Writing Research' folder for the few occasions where Ffion swears.
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
I see it as an added challenge: how can I get across his shock or anger or whatever without expletives?

But yeah, the reason many of my characters are just potty mouths is that they just want to talk that way I guess!