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0285: For the Fjords
20th Oct, 2014 in Unchaptered

0285: For the Fjords
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Author Notes:
Mel Cormac edit delete
Mel Cormac
People Jon's height tend to be used as arm/headrests. I should start charging for that service.
User comments:

rufiangel edit delete reply
That *is* scary! XD;;; Dang, bro!
But yeah, Jon, that might be the better option. Believe it or not.
Mel Cormac edit delete reply
Mel Cormac
Anna is just barely the lesser of two evils.
Oh god i hate being short. i feel you jon i feel you.
Mel Cormac edit delete reply
Mel Cormac
I feeeeel yoooou Joannaaaa~