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0353: Suit Yourself
13th Jun, 2016 in Hakuna Nevada
0353: Suit Yourself
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Author Notes:
Mel C. edit delete
Mel C.
While looking up references for Seth's suit (totally didn't just google "Pierce Brosnan James Bond" and ogle the pictures for a bit) there sure were a lot of rules about suits. I think it's reasonable to assume that Seth has googled "how to wear a suit" at some point but skipped the part where you're supposed to unbutton your jacket when you sit down.
User comments:
JammyTheBirb edit delete reply
I love that last line XD
Memoria Caelestie
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
azureXtwilight edit delete reply
I love the driver. Such sass!
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
It's like he doesn't want his tip or something XD
HiFranc edit delete reply
Why aren't they wearing seat belts?
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
They only just got in, they'll put them on, don't worry! They know what happened to Jon!
ProfEtheric edit delete reply
Attractively rendered youngsters, check (and they certainly clean up well, especially Anna).

Killer punchline, check.

Yes. Good strip. :)

(Seriously, that punchline slays.)
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
Aaa thank you! (not gonna lie, drawing attractive people dressed up is pretty fun!)
anonymous coward (Guest) edit delete reply
There are restaurants at which dinner for two can easily clear four figures USD that I'm aware of. Just what is the budget for all this again?
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
Hahaha fair point. May be a liiiiitle more than Seth is expecting.
HeSerpenty edit delete reply
I have a feeling these kids can still get into trouble even without booze and gambling X"D
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
If there is a way to be stupid, even without alcohol, I think these two will be the ones to find it!
Shirokuro edit delete reply
3 stars isn't that bad is it? xD
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
Minimal cockroaches!
parkblog79 edit delete reply
A taxi? With 3 seperated back seats?

Is that possible?
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
According to my highly reliable source, Google images, that's what the interior of a taxi in Vegas may look like. It is entirely possible that is wrong. XD