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0356: My Dinner With Anna
4th Jul, 2016 in Hakuna Nevada
0356: My Dinner With Anna
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Author Notes:
Mel C. edit delete
Mel C.
If My Dinner With André had less eloquent dialogue and more tension-diffusing shenanigans.

Never brofist over an open flame. This has been a PSA.
User comments:
Bolderousness edit delete reply
Think the burn marks as a symbol of their brohood, like an initiation to a gang.
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
Ha, I hadn't thought of that! They're like blood bros now.
Shirokuro edit delete reply
This reminds me when I tried to small a candle and burned my nose...
ProfEtheric edit delete reply
I really didn't expect that...

Did you, by any chance, do that? If not, what possessed you to have that happen?

(It's great, but my curiosity is piqued.)
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
Haha you know it sounds like something I would have done, but actually it just came to me when I noticed the candle was right in between them. The opportunity presented itself.
Memoria Caelestie
Oh my goodness that serious moment and then burning your knuckles! perfect! A++++
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
Haha thank you! I get almost as uncomfortable with serious conversations as Seth so I have to ruin them somehow!
Centcomm edit delete reply
heheh ok the bro punch over the candle was awesome!
anonymous coward (Guest) edit delete reply
But... how else are we supposed to relight the flames of brotherhood when they have burned down too low? Gotta get the fire from somewhere, and bro-sex just isn't for everyone.
MST3KFan edit delete reply
Welp, that'll happen over an open flame. Now they're branded as such for life. XD
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
Blood brothers. Or, minor burn brothers.
rufiangel edit delete reply
Can I say it? Seth and Anna... you're both so smokin' hot tonight ;D

*gets burnt at the stake*
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
junoro edit delete reply
That brofist was so lit it was literally on fire. LITerally on fire. I feel for Seth, though. It's nice he can at least talk about WHY he doesn't want to talk about stuff
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
Haha A+ pun.

And yeah, talking about feelings is not his strong suit--this was a pretty big step for him actually