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0834: Butt Wait
23rd Jan, 2017 in Hakuna Nevada
0834: Butt Wait
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Mel C. edit delete
Mel C.
Well, when a lady wants your arse...
User comments:
zoidolite edit delete reply
god damn it Jon
anonymous coward (Guest) edit delete reply
Okay, we need to start proposing life changes that would help Jon stop doing this, and be adequately funny. Becoming a pimp could work, but I'm not sure Jon has what it takes to succeed in the mercenary sexuality industry. Taking up Muay Thai and/or Ju Jitsu lessons maybe?
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
So close
anonymous coward (Guest) edit delete reply
Fur butt's sake Jon, we don't need this rearward movement into asinine farting around. Sit up straight and then move your ass in a more appropriate shimmy!
The Chessmaster edit delete reply
The Chessmaster
Clearly, Anna has too much junk in her trunk. That or not enough.

Welp, I'm off to the sad corner of pun regret again. Seeya.
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
No, come back! This comic is a pun-shame-free zone
AmbiguousMouse edit delete reply
This goofball makes it sound like being comfortable around the ones you love is abnormal.

... Oh, right.

Poor Jon.
AsFoxger edit delete reply
This kind of words makes everything uncomfortable, seriously. xD
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
Anna needs to learn the subtle art of phrasing. XD