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0392: Sofa Rules (NSFW)
17th Apr, 2017 in Unchaptered
0392: Sofa Rules (NSFW)
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Author Notes:
Mel C. edit delete
Mel C.
Some people are just particular, I suppose.

(You could consider the fact that I considered this page NSFW a bonus joke, but I wanted to be on the safe side and warn people! You can still laugh at me though.)
User comments:
MST3KFan edit delete reply
When Anna means no, she means NO! That couch is sacred!
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
RazorD9 edit delete reply
Take all the fun of owning a sofa why don't you.

Though on a serious note, considering the four rules of the sofa in today's fine comic, and the fact the last one is a rule, I would hesitate to do any of those things. Couches don't get cleaned as often as beds and are in a more public place, so leaving anything that has been sexed on would be disturbing.
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
Yeah, sofas are pretty gross if you think about it too much. Pretty much all of these rules exist because Anna knows that sofa doesn't really get cleaned ever. XD
anonymous coward (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah, that last one is the most important.

*starts jumping on the sofa*
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
No having fun on the sofa!
JC Webcomics edit delete reply
JC Webcomics
In fairness to the Paul one, she may have done him a favour - I once left my phone on the sofa and it wedged itself pretty firmly down the back. I had to ring it twice to figure out where it had gone!
Mel C. edit delete reply
Mel C.
Or it could end up being sat on, which could lead to several potential awkward moments.

She's saving him from himself.
HiFranc edit delete reply
This strip reminds me of something from another webcomic: