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Just my way of saying thank you to the lovely people who made Waste Of Time fanart or who participated in crossovers/art exchanges <3


By JammyTheBirb of The Back o' Beyond


By Fabian W. of Cryptida (Original German)


By junoro of The Tale of a Disappointing Land Shark:


By Jay042 of Kaza's Mate, Gwenna:


By Jason Gray of No Refund:


By ProfEtheric of Autumn Bay:


By the rouge hummingbird of Cuttlefish:


By Memoria Caelestie, of The Sunless Children:


By RJDG14, of Josh and Angus:


By keltyzoid!, of Night Light:


By CiciEnixa, of From Dust to Ruination:


by gideonland, of Next Revery:


by JammyTheBirb, of The Back o' Beyond:

Jon's reaction here is 10000% accurate