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this comic contains strong language and mild sexual content


Just my way of saying thank you to the lovely people who made Waste Of Time fanart or who participated in crossovers/art exchanges <3


By JammyTheBirb of The Back o' Beyond


By Fabian W. of Cryptida (Original German)


By junoro of The Tale of a Disappointing Land Shark:


By Jay042 of Kaza's Mate, Gwenna:


By Jason Gray of No Refund:


By ProfEtheric of Autumn Bay:


By the rouge hummingbird of Cuttlefish:


By Memoria Caelestie, of The Sunless Children:


By RJDG14, of Josh and Angus:


By keltyzoid!, of Night Light:


By CiciEnixa, of From Dust to Ruination:


by gideonland, of Next Revery:


by JammyTheBirb, of The Back o' Beyond:

Jon's reaction here is 10000% accurate